Have a new store opening? An event coming up? A new person on staff? All these might mean you need a new Page. Follow the steps below to create a new Page.

When you click this button, the next screen will look similar, but may be different depending on the templates you have available to you. The instructions located under the settings will also be different depending on the unique needs of each customer.

New Page Screen

Step 1 – Enter a Page Name – internal name that you will be able to search to find the Page Step 2 – Enter the Page Web Address – This is the URL that a user would visit the Page. A few examples might be the Store ID, a Store Phone Number, Event Name or other location designation. On this template the address is the Center RSID or the event MAC Code. Step 3 – Choose a template from the drop down menu. The number of templates available will differ depending on the customer. Step 4 – Choose the “Save & Reset” if you have more Pages to create or select the “Save & Edit” if this is the only Page you are creating now and want to start entering the Page data. That’s it. The Page is now created and you can start entering the Page data. For more on the Page Content visit the Editing a Page article.

Special Considerations

Please note that in order to create a new Page you must have Page licenses available. If you are unable to create a new Page it may be due to insufficient licenses. You will need to purchase more licenses before you can continue. As an alternative, you can re-purpose a Page that already exists in your account, but remember that the statistics will not be solely for the Pages new purpose unless you sort by the appropriate date range.