Ok, you have a Page, it is live to the world, people are using it… you think. How do you tell if your Page is successful? View the steps below to see the stats of your Page.

(After logging in…) Click on the “Reporting” button in the black sidebar (Left of screen). You will see the reporting screen open.

Reporting Screen

Once the reporting screen is open, you can choose the date range you want to report on, or if you are a manager (like the screen above shows) you can load a different Page to report on.

Once you select the date range, the screen will automatically refresh with the new data. From this point you can Export all the data to a CSV file (Blue button) or you can see some charts on the data. Notice the “Hits Over Time” tab and the “Exits Over Time” tab. Click on either to get more information on that topic and a chart.

Reports Available

Hits Over Time

Exits Over Time

The Exits Over Time is especially valuable to show you how users are interacting with your Page. You can see which buttons are getting the most interaction and how many people are interacting with them.

That’s it! Now you can tell how your Page is doing.