When you are logged in to the administration console, you can edit your Page a few different ways. First we will discuss editing the current Page (Primary way to edit a Page if you are not a multilevel administrator). If you are an administrator and want to edit a different page, scroll down to the Admin section below.

User Level

Starting from the dashboard, verify your current Page by looking at the GREEN box at the top of the page (This step is important so you make changes to the correct Page):

Once you verify you are on the correct Page, select the Edit Current Page button in the black navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

From the next screen, select the Page Content tab. (The settings on this page will be discussed in the “Creating a new Page” section in more depth.) Notice the yellow bar alerting you to the Page you are editing… Just another friendly reminder.

On this final screen you can edit the information you want displayed on your page. Any changes made to this page will be updated in real time when you hit the save button next to each widget. Each template may have more or less options to turn on/off and edit.

Widget examples

Each widget will have a name identifying what it is for. (Such as Email Address or Phone Number)

There is an On/Off button on each, click it with the mouse to switch it from on to off or vice versa

The plus icon will expand the widget and will switch to a minus sign.

Make sure to press the save button once you are done making changes (The box will remain red until you press the save button)

When you are done making changes, if all the boxes are green you may leave the page. If any box is still RED then it is not saved.

Admin Level

If you are an administrator with multi-level control, the steps remain the same, but selecting the page is slightly different. You will click on the “All Sub Pages” button and it will give you a list of locations.

From this screen you can perform one of two options to edit the Page. You can either “LOAD” the Page (GREEN BUTTON) or you can “EDIT” the Page(BLUE BUTTON). If you want to see the statistics for the Page prior to editing, click the green Load option. If you simply want to edit the Page then choose the blue Edit option.

From here, you can follow the steps outlined above to make changes to the Page.