Are you a manager of your users? If so, you will want to see this tutorial on managing users. There are a few key points to be aware of. We will walk you through the steps of adding users, modifying users, and deactivating users.

Add a new user

Hover over the User Management button to reveal the All Users and New User options. From here you can select All Users to see all the users assigned to the current Page or select New User to go straight to the New User screen.

NOTE: Make sure you are adding the user to the correct Page. Look at the information box at the top of the screen to see which Page you are currently editing. (See screen shot below) If the user does not belong to that Page, you will need to load the appropriate Page before moving forward. See the Editing Page Content on how to load a Page.

If you are on the correct Page, select the New User option to add the User.

Fill in all the fields on the page.

Username – What the new user will use to log in

First / Last Name – Name of the user

Email – Email Address of the user. Very important as this will be used if they lose their password and need it reset

User Group – Are they a Manager or User (Managers can add Pages and Users, a User can only edit Page content)

Password – can be temporary or permanent, but needs to be given to the user so they can log in. The user can log in and change it after they gain access to the system.

Modify / Suspend A User

Select the All Users option from the sidebar menu. After you select this option a page with all the users assigned to the current Page will be displayed. If there are more than 15 users you can search by page or by using the search box in the upper right corner of the page.

Once you find the user you want to edit you can either directly mark them inactive or you can edit their account with the BLUE icon with the pencil in it.

Notice the “Active” column. If the orange icon with the check mark is showing, that user is active. If the gray icon with an X is showing the user is inactive. NOTE: There is not a DELETE button, only an inactive option. To edit the user, click the BLUE icon with the pencil in it.

Make changes to the fields that need edited and hit the save button. NOTE: Only enter a password if you wish to change the password.